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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who Am I??

Erm..many people who visit my blog wanna know who am i?
ok..lets me introduce my self. My name..starting with "N". but my friends call me "M"(huhu..want to tell my readers,but still secret. that looks like a conflict identity :p ) juz kidding.

My age 23 years..have completed studies in 2008. Field study of Information Technology. Really interested to find out who took the same course with me. Maybe can change the opinion of one another. My hobby is reading novels, fishing at the river(juz in the rear of my house) and like to join outdoors activities such as camping and hiking(panjat ape??. pape je yg bleh dipanjat, pokok rambutan or pokok manggis tepi umah aku hehe..)I love to smile because smiling is the key to happiness. So, do not shy to smile..Smiley


CikDarLing said...

sape join nuffnang kt cni? aku x phm r cm ne nuffnang byr kita. who can explain to me?


nuffnang he he baru 25 sen jer dapat...

CikDarLing said... br dpt rm3. iklan tu kuar tp x ramai yg klik.

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